Thoughts to Paws over…

imageToday’s blog is a mood booster!  Just look at this sweet little face and you can’t help but feel a sense of happiness wash over you!  Recently my brother-in-law’s family lost two cats in a very short time period( stay with me, I will get to the good part), leaving them with their adorable Clumber Spaniel, Charlie.  As much as they love their canine friend, their family are definitely cat lovers!  This past weekend Matt and Charlie went out for a walk and ended up at Pet Valu  and  began chatting with the young girl that worked there telling her they were hoping to adopt a new cat through a rescue organization.  Talk about kismet, she mentioned that an older gentleman had just come in asking if she had any suggestions of what he could do with a kitten he had found on his morning stroll,  that had been dumped off by the yacht club, where there were no houses.  He took the sweet little waif home, but his cat was not amused in any way, shape or form!  He had gone into the store to inquire  if the sales girl knew of where he could take the kitten.  She took his cell number and was going to call him with some contacts.  Matt  could barely contain himself and suggested he’d be interested in taking her.  My guess is Matt practically floated home as he was on cloud nine, he talked with his family  and they were all thrilled with the idea.  The girl at Pet Valu connected the two parties and the couple brought the kitty over for a meet and greet and it was love at first sight!  Little Sophie is very content and over-joyed with her new abode!  I love a happy ending!  Sigh…

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