Thoughts to Paws over…

If your pet had a voice, what would he or she sound like?  I find it interesting, often my spouse likes to do a narrative for our pets and I will admit, that I too, am also guilty of speaking on my furry creatures behalf.  Lucas, our dear old dog, will be laying on the couch with his big soupy eyes, watching us eat dinner and my hubby will say, “I like chicken, yes I do,  I really like chicken, give me some chicken will ya”  Or when we are getting ready to go for a walk, my spouse will say “Are we going for a walk, I like walks.”  The thing is, when he speaks on Lucas’ behalf he makes him sound like Gomer Pyle,Gomer Pyle as if he is some country bumpkin that just got off the bus.  This behooves me, as I don’t think that is how my canine buddy would sound in the slightest?  He is not a simpleton!   Lucas has very expressive eyes that speak volumes, if he were to have a narrative voice it would certainly sound more eloquent!   I think both of my boys, if they could talk like humans, would sound intelligent and very distinguished.   For example, I think  our cat Romeo with his devilish smile and carefree ways would have Mr. George Clooney’s voice, George Clooney Romeoafter all,  he is an extremely handsome cat and he charms the begeezers out of everyone he meets.  As for Lucas, I imagine Vin Diesel’s deeply commanding tone,  which is incredibly expressive and can wow his audience with emotion. .. envision Groot in”Guardians of the Galaxy “and you have got it!  Vin DieselLucas

So I am curious…who would your pets celebrity voice over be?

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