Thoughts to Paws over…

I remember when my girls were little, they usually enjoyed having a baby sitter as they were able to bend rules and stretch bed times.   Having a break from Mom and Dad was a lot of fun every now and then.  When people leave their pets with me while they are away, their pooch moves in and my casa et su casa.   We kanoodle on the couch in the evenings, they hang out with me in the bathroom when I get ready in the morning and the really spoiled ones get to sleep on the bed!  I had one of my regular friends staying with me this past week and she is such a love and fits in beautifully with our family!  She lays at my feet while I make dinner, cuddles up next to me on the couch in the evenings when I am playing Scrabble and  she welcomes me when I come in the door with the same gusto and enthusiasm as my own dog does.  Today it was time for her to go home and it was comical, as she was heading out the door her human says to me, “say Thank You!”   There was no way she was going to climb back up those stairs and risk that her Dad might slip out the door again, she was eager to go home and be with her peeps.  I finally had to go down to her and gave her a little pat on the head and bid her a farewell.  It’s okay, my ego is in tact, I know that she loves me and has an awesome time while she is visiting.  Heck at my house she gets to romp around with Lucas, cuddle with the cat and sleep with my daughter at nights, it’s awesome!  But home is good too, it’s quieter there, she’s the only pet, so  she gets all the attention!   Next time she comes for a stay she will greet me with exuberance and zeal and love to be back!  It’s a win, win for me, I get to have all these fun and different characters come and live with me, but then they go home and life gets quiet again.  And as much as the house seems very quiet right now, and I miss her, I am also a little excited about not having to get up to take her outside at five a.m.  Lucas will be too, we can hit the snooze and sleep a little longer!Newton

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