Thoughts to Paws over…

Do you have a friend whose company you thoroughly enjoy, but you are at different ends of the spectrum as far as your ideas on exercise are concerned?  My spouse and I have always struggled when it comes to being active together, as I am a morning person and he is definitely not!  I am winding down by seven in the evening and he is wide awake and raring to go.  Over the years I have suggested we get up early and do yoga or go for a run, but it’s just not the right time of day for him as he needs awhile to wake up.   We have compromised by going for walks after he’s had his set dosage of caffeinated beverages and a bite to eat.  I have noticed whilst walking the boys, that although they get along fabulously when we are on our daily treks, that their focus or intent for the walk is not entirely compatible.  Lucas is all about getting his leash on and doing his route, he is very consistent.   Then there is Diesel, some mornings he stretches, looks at me standing by the door and then lays back down.  If he could talk I think he would say “Give me a moment would you.”  On mornings like this I feel for my old guy waiting on the porch, as these are usually the days that his younger friend likes to lollygag.  It’s a hoot to watch the expression on Lucas’ face as Diesel stops for the umpteenth time to roll in the grass.  It’s the cutest thing to watch Diesel sprawl out and expose his belly to the sky, unless you are Lucas who is eager to push onward, as there is a couch  beckoning for you at home.   When it looks like we are about to make a little headway, Diesel will spy a stick, which in all honesty is more like a large limb of a tree with tonnes of branches feeding off of it…somehow he thinks he is bringing this magnificent find along for the walk.  As Diesel struggles to figure out how he is going to balance this huge limb in his mouth, Lucas and I strive not to trip and do a face plant over his over zealous vision to prance along Davenport with his prize.   It also amuses me that Lucas is the senior citizen, and yet he has a lot of pep to his step, Diesel is a young pup who’d I’d liken to a 17 year old boy who could sleep til noon every day and still not quite want to muster the energy to do physical activity.  In the end, we always achieve our goal, we get at least a forty-five minute walk in, but I recognize that Lucas has to do more than be physically active, he has to exercise his patience.

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