Thoughts to Paws over…

“Mommy do…”  This was a phrase we coined when my first born was about 2.  It didn’t matter what the circumstance was, if my spouse tried to make her a sandwich, give her a bath or put her to bed, she would give her Dad a look and say “Mommy do!”  Kids are funny that way, how there is one person who can unlock the secret to getting them to eat their Mac and Cheese or get their hair ready for school.  Both of our kids went through it.  I remember a call when I was visiting my Mother and had left my hubby in charge of the girls for a week, he called to report that he couldn’t get the youngest to eat her KD.  I responded, “Did you you make a smiley face and hair with ketchup on it?”  Of course he had not, I reminded him that I had shown him the trick prior to leaving.  The next time he made her the same meal he did as instructed with no more success than he had had the time before, she only liked it the way Mommy does it.  I have come to realize that my furry boys are no different than my children.  Either that, or  I have some magical skills when it comes to putting food in a dish, which is entirely possible, as I am fabulous!  Take my cat Romeo, it doesn’t matter whom it is, if one pours his dry food onto his little plate, he will snub his nose and walk away.  I can take that same food and pour it onto my hand, and then back onto the dish and he will voraciously wolf it down.  When it comes to his night time food regimen, he will only eat his wet food when I do it.  I have to whip it up and then mound it in the center of the dish, it’s like I am Julia Child making her Tomato Aspic, no one else can seem to emulate my skill at mucking cat food on a plate to get him to eat it.  One might think that this is just a cat being finicky, but no, Lucas, our dog is no different.  My daughter or my spouse can put his food in his dish at meal times and he will stand there and stare at it, like maybe they have poisoned it, eventually he walks away.  When I come home, I will go in and stir his food and the next thing you know, it’s suddenly become palatable.  I will concede that Lucas has me change up his meal prep on a regular basis.  At first he liked his dry mixed with the wet, then I had to add some dehydrated liver bits to entice him to devour his meal.  A week ago, even I couldn’t get him to eat his food.  I thought on it for a bit and decided to try something different, so I put the dry in one dish with the liver bits, which he ate and then put down the wet food  and Voila, he gobbled it all up!  I guess I better google to see if dog’s can have ketchup, as I have a feeling one day I am going to be making a smiley face and hair to entice him to eat up.   At least meal times are never dull and I can boast that Mommy still has the magic touch!

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