Thoughts to Paws over…

Trust that inner voice!  We all do it, we have an intuition about something and we either choose to go with our gut or discount our instincts and ignore that little voice in our heads.  This past weekend on my way home from walking the boys I saw some neighbours down the way watching a young female duck standing at the road side.  Apparently she had been there since the night before and they were worried she was going to get hit by a car, the general idea was she had been left behind.  Their was a couple trying, with no success to catch her, hoping to take her to a pond where she would be safe.  I stood on the opposite side of the street, as I had the dogs to avert disaster and wished them good luck.  A little while later we were driving by, careful to watch for her and I realized there was a storm grate close to where she was standing and said to my husband, “I wonder if her babies fell down through  the sewer grate.”  My spouse responded that if that had happened she would have walked away , my gut told me, not if her babies were still alive.   This morning I saw the neigbhour who had been watching over the duck and asked him what became of her, as I hadn’t seen her since.   He said that his older son had said he had heard something, so had a neighbour, but he himself heard nothing.  But finally, one woman looked down into the sewer and sure enough, there were six ducklings down there.  After unsuccessful calls to the City to see if they could get someone to come help them remove the grate, the older gentleman managed to drag the very heavy grate off and took and ladder and went down into the grate to get them.  Sadly, one of the six had drowned, but he gave the five other wee ones over to Mom.  One of the five was too weak, and Mom ended up having to leave it behind. The lovely gentleman and his wife  took in the little thing, only to loose it as well.   He lamented to me that he felt very badly that he didn’t listen to his son or the others that had said earlier on, that they could hear something, he said if he had only thought to look the night before he could have rescued them all.  I feel for him, hindsight is twenty-twenty.  I am grateful that four little ducks were able to toddle off with Mom.  To me, that man is a super hero!  Vigorous applause for the people who try and make a difference!!

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