Thoughts to Paws over…

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“And they call it, Puppy Love…”   Today I met a lovely  little pup, whose currently passed out under my desk.  Hard not to be enamored by her, she is maybe 2 months old, so she a wee love.  She has floppy ears and an incorrigible playful side.  Watching her sleep I can’t help but feel a sense of “puppy love”,  wishing she could be ours and that we could give her a home. It’s so easy to see a cute little babe and not think, “I want you!”  It is a very normal reaction, but puppy love can be dangerous, as it is given that title because it is fleeting!  Puppies become dogs in the blink of an eye, they are a lot of work and don’t stay little and cute for very long.   It is easy to want to love a sweet little ball of fur, but ask yourself the tough questions, do I really have what it takes to make this relationship work.    The saucy little girl that I have managed to exhaust with a twenty minute walk on a hot afternoon, is hanging out with me to give the woman who is now caring for her, a wee break.   She like I, has a big heart and when the little fur baby got foisted upon her, she didn’t turn her away.  The hard part, she is already overwhelmed, as  she has three of her own pets and had already taken in another one of her child’s pets and found a home for yet another puppy that her child had taken in.  It is very hard for animal lovers to turn their back on the helpless and needy, especially an innocent pup, whom if not given a stable and loving environment can end up with behavioural issues and once grown, not so cute and adoptable.  For now, she is sleeping and blissfully unaware how tenuous her future really is…and as I watch her little chest rising up and down, my heart melting and feeling more and more attached, I know that my family isn’t in a place to take in this little girl that is going to need a lot of stability and patience.  So today I say a little prayer for Rosie and hope that there is a wonderfully adept person out there, who is the right family to take her home and raise her and give her a happy life.  The take away, before you melt and say yes, do you have what it takes to progress from Puppy Love to the next step?   Do you see the two of you growing old together, because that is what the four legged, couch chewing, pooping on your favourite rug, big eyed baby before you needs you to know for sure when you say you want her!

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