Thoughts to Paws over…


Do you converse with your furry companion?   I don’t mean do you chat when you are around them, I mean do you banter back and forth with them, as if you were engaged in a two way exchange?  Recently a member of my family was at a friends hanging out and had brought our dog.  The dog was laying in the middle of the kitchen floor and my daughter was asking our big old guy what he thought about being somewhere unfamiliar.  The humans in the room found this a little odd, and wondered if she thought the dog was going to answer her.    She explained that in our household, we have little tete-a-tetes with our pets all the time, why wouldn’t we, they are part of the family!   I know when the girls were growing up, having the dog or cat to talk to at the end of their school day or when they were feeling angst about some issue in their lives, really helped them, pouring out ones heart to sympathetic ear  is invaluable.   I can also say, that when we talk to our furry family members, they do respond!  Their tail will wag, an eye brow will raise, an ear will perk up,  sometimes they will come over and nuzzle their heads into our laps, it truly depends on what we are talking about or asking them.  Personally I have found all the animals we share our household with to be great conversationalists!  If you are person who likes to have a dialogue with your feline or pooch, you are not alone and no you are not eccentric, you do not put boundaries on a relationship.  A friend is a friend, period.

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