Thoughts to Paws over…



“Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again, your heart is true you’re a pal and confident.”   I was out of sorts last week, I had a blister on my toes, my newer runners were hurting my feet.  My lower back was sore and I had a literal pain in the neck.  A true Eeyore kind of day, “Oh bother…”   I was out walking my friend Sam and he was jauntily running a head sniffing  the tall grasses, he was having a carpe diem moment.  Me, I was focusing on my discomfort.  As I was feeling a twinge in my back my little buddy turned around and he smiled…yes, he smiled.   His expression said “thanks Andrea I am having a GREAT time!”  In that moment I smiled.  My mood made an abrupt change  from wanting to curl up in a ball, to appreciating the nice breeze and the sound the leaves made when they rustled.  I was thinking about how green and verdant the grass and wooded area around me was, and that the bit of rain here and there we were getting, was making for a lovely beginning to summer.   I have to admit, I didn’t note this change immediately.  It wasn’t until I returned Sam to his crate that  I came to the realization that for the remainder of the walk,  I had completely forgotten my aches and pains.  It is amazing what a good friend can do for ones outlook in the moment.  The cute expression from that  little pooch lifted my spirits and changed the remainder of my afternoon.  This morning as I headed out to do a walk,  I ran into my dear little friend and was reminded of last weekend and realized I had forgotten to acknowledge his lovely gift to me that day!

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