Thoughts to Paws over…


“Say Hello to my little Friend…”   I think a lot of people when they look at this little guy’s face, make a lot of wrong assumptions.  My buddy Diesel and I get out for some exercise twice a day, sometimes in a group with other dogs and other days we are a twosome.  When we first met, I wasn’t sure we could have a relationship because he was so enthusiastic  and ripped and tore about that I was basically making my chiropractor a rich woman.    It took a few tries to figure out what apparatus was going to work so that the experience could be enjoyable for us both.  A pinch collar is where we ended up, which I use for my dog as well, it does not hurt the boys…it just prevents them from pulling so hard that my arms aren’t in constant pain and truth be told together they out weigh me so at times it was questionable who was walking whom.   The problem with the appearance of said collar, is it makes an already “Gangsta” like dog, look even more ominous.    It makes me sad that people shy away from my little friend, as he has become quite the gentleman and is very thoughtful and engaged with people and other dogs.  Diesel carries a raw hide in his mouth, I discovered one day that when he has a prize, whether it be a mitten, ball or a stick, he likes to strut his stuff.  He looks at passersby as if to say “Look at me, aren’t I clever!”   This morning, as we made our way down a quiet back street, where the shade trees are awesome, we encountered a woman who whisked past us and said,  “Thank God he has that stick to keep him busy, I am afraid he would eat me otherwise.”   I was caught off guard, so I was speechless.   As we made our way through the park and home I had this overwhelming sense of sadness, to the point that a tear rolled down my cheek, this person had truly missed out on what a sweet natured and friendly dog that Diesel is.   He is no Tony Montana.  If I had to characterize my buddy, I would say he is more like Tom Hank’s portrayal of Josh in the movie Big, a big goof with a delightfully playful spirit…so please don’t judge a book by it’s cover!   Feel free to say Hello to my Little Friend,he has no desire to eat you,  he will wag his tail with great fervor and be most happy to meet you.

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