Thoughts to Paws over…


He’s so freaking handsome and so incredibly high maintenance!  This is my boy Romeo, love of my life, apple of my eye, he’s my peanut butter and I am his jelly!  He has recently been banished from the kingdom to go live with his cousins in Belleville.   Every once and awhile I have a dog staying with us that has a ‘history’ with cats, to be on the safe side it isn’t worthwhile to risk fuzzy boys life and limbs, so I pack him up and send him off to live with my daughter .  It’s kind of like summer camp, at least that is what I tell myself.   The first time we sent him away was for almost a month and I am not sure who it  was harder on, me or him.  I cried like a baby, I was sure he was going to have one of his episodes and get very ill.  Silly me, he was just fine!  It is good for him to have to live with others, because he is way too dependent on me and I enable him, which isn’t good either.  So a little break from one another teaches us both how resilient we can be.  Currently, my little man has been gone for 13 days, and I check in with my daughter daily to see how he is doing…oh, and how she is doing, as she is 9 months pregnant and expecting her first child any minute now.  Today’s report was that my furry son is getting on her last nerve, waking her throughout the night and wanting her to get him a snack.  In case you haven’t read other posts, Romeo has a bunch of health issues that essentially require him to eat small meals frequently to prevent him from throwing up.    For me, that’s life with Romeo, but for my daughter, whose bladder is being pressed on by a small human, coupled with the heat that is making her rather uncomfy, my cat’s neediness is not so charming!!  Before the cat left for Belleville he wasn’t really waking me that often, just once at three a.m. and then around five. but his frequency has been off the charts since leaving home.  I was sitting here feeling guilty that I have put this on a first time expectant Mom when it hit me, if she can handle Mr.  High Maintenance then she is ready for Motherhood!  Romeo isn’t trying to be a pain in the backside, no, my intuitive friend is trying to prepare his sister for what is coming right around the corner!  Babies don’t sleep, babies are a lot of work and he wants her to be ready, what a smart feline he is!   My self-reproach has been assuaged and I am going to go as far as to say this was planned, me and the fuzzer were in cahoots, it was our intention all along to help my girl get ready for being a Momma.

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