Thoughts to Paws over…

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Have you ever had a moment in time, that when you were in the middle of it, you were scared to bits?   Years later you think back on that moment and you can laugh and find the humour in it?   When we lived in British Columbia we used to love to go to Englishman River Falls for our weekend walk with the girls and our dog Amber.  This one particular day we had a wonderful 3km trek and the girls had enjoyed themselves, we stopped at this lovely area along the river for a photo opportunity.  I asked my spouse for the camera and he was posing with the girls along the rivers edge when I heard this PLUNK sound.   I lowered the camera lense and realized my lovely Sheltie, who had felt a little bit thirsty,  had bent over the rocks to take a drink, misjudging that the water was too low for her to reach and went in head first.  There she was paddling madly trying to fight the current…did I fail to mention that the spot where we had taken a little rest was at the top of the falls,  about 8 feet away from where the magnificent water fall began?   I just about let go of our smancy  camera, screeched in panic and told my spouse to, “Do something!!”  He is my knight in shining armour, he stepped into the water, boots and all, and fished her out.  It was awful, that thought that in a blink of an eye, I could have lost my best friend.  As I was out walking with one of my clients this morning and thinking about a few of the tense moments I have had over the past couple weeks, Amber’s taking an unintentional dip came to mind and I realized I can laugh about it now.  Perspective is a wonderful thing.  In the heat of the moment, what you are experiencing seems so scary.   Watching our dog, who wasn’t big on swimming, treading water and looking rather offended that she  was now immersed in it was sort of funny.  Once she was catapulted back to safety,  albeit, a bit water logged, she was able to shake it off and was ready for the return hike to the car.  Crisis averted.  It is a blessing when tight spots of the past become laughable moments of the future!

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