Thoughts to Paws over…


If a picture could paint a thousand words.  Rupert is not a cuddler, he’s one years old and to put it bluntly, he has ants in his pants!  He’s always getting into things and ripping about, thus why his pet parents have him enrolled in different activities to give him an outlet for his energy level.  Today is a different story though, he’s been a couch potato,  sitting beside his human.  What makes today different ?  His people are going to have a baby and  today after his Momma had her membranes stripped, he has supportively been sitting at her side.  He is part of the animal kingdom, they have a sixth sense about these things, but I also wonder , is he realizing that he will no longer run the show?  That his place in the home life hierarchy is about to drastically change and he’s feeling a wee bit of trepidation ?  I remember the day we came home with my daughter, our dog at the time was a gorgeous Shetland Sheepdog named Amber, and she was my baby.  When I came into the house, with Craig carrying the baby in the car seat,  my little girl came up to me, nuzzling into my knees and cried.  I mean cried, I have never heard a dog sob before or since like she did, she was bereft!  She understood that life as she knew it, would never be the same .   I look at Rupert’s expression and I wonder what is going through his mind, is it excitement ?  Is it dread?   What I do know, although his needs may not be attended to in the fashion he as used to and he might find his families patience a little frayed,  when things get quiet, and there is a lull, if he is down for a cuddle, his humans will happily oblige!   That love you have for your four legged friends can not be diminished in any way, shape or form!

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