Thoughts to Paws over…

“You can ring my bell…ring my bell…”  But chances are neither Lucas or I will hear it!  I have been realizing for a little while now that I have rendered myself iPod deaf.  I have a very bad habit of blasting  Linkin Park, the Biebs, Blake Shelton, whatever I am in the mood for when I am walking and you can be dang sure it is loud.!   When you find yourself a little hearing challenged having a dog is a wonderful asset, because they hear everything, right?  I have come to realize my old boy has joined me in the land of impairments.  Normally if I brush my teeth that is his cue that we are going for a walk, as of late I can be standing at the door, leash in hand with that tinkling sound that used to whip him into a frenzy and he’d be jumping and bounding, raring to go.  Now there is nothing but crickets.  The other day I had to go wandering around looking for him as calling his name wasn’t working either.  I eventually found him, he was on his bed in the back of the house, very soundly sleeping!  This week I have my Grand pup visiting and his ability to detect sound is in great shape!  You can be four doors down and quietly bid your neighbour adieu and Rupert will sound the alarm!  Rupert’s shrill bark could wake the dead, and much to my dismay Lucas has no issue hearing him!  My rather quiet senior citizen has transformed this week, he will be out like a light and Rupert will bark and Lucas jumps up like he’s had cold water splashed in his face and he’s been caught sleeping on the job.   He runs around barking, he has no clue why, but the little upstart thinks there is good cause to carry on, so he better be ready to protect his home and show the young pup he may be old, but he’s still got game.  As long as we have dog visitors, Lucas and I are good, you can “ring my bell” and we will come hither, but if it is just the two of us…chances are you better let me know you are coming.  For this week, Rupert is on guard, his super power hearing is on point and engaged. “Oh to be young and enthusiastic!”  (might I say I have been waiting three hours now for that dear little noise maker to put on a show so I could video it…with no compliance.)

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