Thoughts to Paws over…


Today I went for a walk with the “Three Stooges”!  The excursion this morning was a complete comedy of errors from beginning to end.  Curly, Larry and Moe were in fine form from the start and I am not sure I can adequately convey what that forty-five minute trek entailed, but suffice to say, it was an exercise in patience.  From the outset the boys were getting tangled in one another’s leashes, I would bend over and get one situation fixed when the next dog would be tripping and get caught up.  One would be raring to go, while the other decided it was time to roll in the grass as the third one figured it was a good time to poop beside the one that was on it’s back stretching and rolling oblivious to the excrement he was about to smear all over himself.  Lucas, was playing the roll of Moe, the sometimes aggressive, take charge Stooge, who over-all really was a loyal and protective friend.  The role of Larry would have to be awarded to Diesel, he wanted to follow “Moe’s” lead and just get on with the business of walking, but just couldn’t help himself by joining the fracas.  And then there is Rupert, who aptly took on the character of “Curly”, who was the one with child-like mannerisms, very fitting for the pup in the group.  He was the Stoog that had the most energy and was at the heart of the physicality of the group, he was known as the “Yapper” with that high pitched voice that would do the “nyuk, nyuk, nyuk,” catch phrase.  As we made our way through the park, “Curly” kept barking and bantering about, getting the other two caught up in his antics and making me an unwilling participant in the hilarity.  Every turn we ran into someone with their own high energy dog, it seemed no matter where I turned I was faced with barking and avoiding the fray seemed damn near impossible.  In an effort to gain some control and sanity, I decided to leave the park and head down a quiet street, which for awhile was total bliss.  My little comedic geniuses were behaving and had gotten with the program, we were walking with no hijinks!  That was until we hit Davenport,  as I have mentioned before, Diesel likes to carry a stick, so does Rupert.  Often along our routes one can find abandon branches from previous outings that one of the boys have discarded.   As “Moe”  (Lucas) decided to lunge at this particular dog that often goads him from behind the safety of a wooden fence every morning,  “Curly”  (Rupert) and “Larry” (Diesel) had differing agendas, one dove for the stick that he had abandoned the day before, as the other decided that the cars whizzing by needed to be contained.   My left arm went one way, crossing over my right that was pulled in the opposing direction as I tripped over the stick that was on the ground, which quickly got jammed into my Achilles tendon as my little buddy tried to get a good hold on it.  Good times!  How I remained upright was quite a feat, I was feeling a little hot under the collar.  With the humidity it was now a rather sticky thirty degrees, I had sweat pouring down my face and was feeling rather over the concept of strolling.   There was no Zen in the experience, all I could think of was, “Okay you Stooges” it’s time to go home!  Now that I in my air conditioned office and reminiscing about this mornings brouhaha of a walk, I can smile and have a good chuckle and be good with the concept that this evenings adventure might be another repeat performance!  The Stooges will most likely provide me with another “Tail”.

Lucas “Moe”

image  “Larry”

image  “Curly”



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