Thoughts to Paws over…


“Same S**t, different day!”  Or is it?  I sometimes wonder if my clients get annoyed by my text messages that frequently feature content about their furry friends movement of their bowels!  No, I don’t have a poop fetish…no I am not lacking for conversation and your dogs business is all I can come up with and no I don’t not have the intelligence of a five year old and think it’s funny to talk about crap!  Your dogs ‘do do” tells us alot about their overall health!  If my four legged companions are straining, making cow patties or scooting, those are things I should be sharing! As caregivers we need to aware of what is going on with that unpleasant stuff that sometimes gets mushed into the bottom of our shoe.  If I am commenting on the volume, the colour, the frequency or the smell, there is good reason, it means something is out of the ordinary with what I see on a day to day basis.  And let me tell you, I see a lot of crud.  I can tell if your dog is absorbing the nutrients of its food or if what they are eating is just passing right on through.  I know if your dog isn’t drinking enough water.   If they aren’t feeling 100% the signs are all their in their bowel movement.  Sometimes I feel like I need to apologize that  most of my messages to my clients are along the lines of “Mitsy pooped three times on our walk”  “JoJo didn’t go number two today?”  “Fifi left a few logs on the upstairs carpet.”   If I am sharing frequency, it might mean that it is  more or less than what is usual for your friend.  If I am saying your dog had an accident, then maybe I am suggesting I  need to change up the timing when I visit or I know it is really unusual for that to happen so something isn’t copacetic in their world.  Sounds crazy, but as much as we don’t like to talk about feces, it’s a really important nugget of information about your pet and their well being!  So please forgive me if I keep talking “Shit” to you.

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