Thoughts to Paws over…


These posts have gone to the dogs!  I realize that as of late, I have been putting the spotlight on my canine friends and neglecting my feline ones!  As much as I love my pooches, I have many kindred spirits that meow and purr and tickle my chin with their whiskers!!  My furry Maine Coon friend is such a love and he trusts me implicitly.  He allows me to clip his nails, bathe him when he is having some issues in the back end with his anal glands and cut out his fur balls!  My spouse is always giving me a hard time  he asks me repetitively if I am brushing Mr. Fluffy!?   Yes, I do brush him, but no matter what I do, he gets these annoying mats in his fur.  I have tried many things to eradicate these pesky blobs that appear behind his ears or under his armpits, but I am never very successful.  The other evening I got out this scissors, which is often what I resort to when I am having no luck at breaking them down with a comb, Romeo laid patiently on the bed an allowed me to remove a few pesky knots.  He didn’t fuss, he didn’t protest, he just laid there and purred.  Much to my horror, the next night, whilst rubbing his tummy I realized he had a wound in his groin area, close to where I removed one of his fur babies.  I have been reeling and mortified ever since that I most likely cut him with the scissors and he is so loving and patient, he coped like a champ!   I am currently tending to the area and giving him many kisses and cuddles.  I can’t even begin to convey what a screw up I feel like.  Without a doubt,  my kitty amazes me on a daily basis and I love him to the moon and back, but it would bn!!!

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