Thoughts to Paws over…


“Love is a four legged word.”   Saw this quote on a sign outside of a vet’s office yesterday and thought it was just the most wonderful sentiment!   I have a neighbour whose son got a dog when he was living with his parents.  Might I say, the parents were not ‘dog’ people, they often would feed the neighbourhood cat who is a bit of a gigolo and spends a few weeks here and there, that was the kind of pet that was appealing to them.  When the dog first moved in it was a puppy, which I think compounded on their reticence to warm up to this cute furry little creature that peed on the carpets and chewed the baseboards.   When their son moved out there was a period where he was having a hard time finding a place that he could move into with his dog, so his parents inherited the Grandpuppy for about a year.  The son would come in the evening and on weekends and take his dog for bike rides and hikes, but during the week you would see his parents out walking the dog, or maybe I should more aptly say, the dog was dragging them around the neighbourhood.   For the longest time I think that dog drove them around the bend and back and they were eager to see him go.   Finally, the day came where the son found a place suitable for him and his pooch.  It has been interesting, the “pain in the backside” seems to be coming back for visits here and there to see the Grandparents! t They may be hard pressed to admit it, but they miss that hyper, yappy, shedding mutt that got them out and about and kept them company when they sat on the porch.   Today as I passed Grandpa on the street, he out-stretched his arms to indicate he was all alone.  I asked him where his little friend was, his face fell, he’s with my son now.  That oddly made me smile, the guy that used to curse and lament over the canine he shared his house with, was now lonely for his  walking companion!   I have to admit I didn’t really think it was possible, but he grew to love that zany pooch!  Love really is a four legged word if you are willing to come over to the bark side.

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