Thoughts to Paws over…


I have to remind myself, “I am no Dr. Dolittle!”   I love fur babies, and when I meet an animal I try to connect with them.   I say hello to the rabbits and squirrels that I see while I am out walking, I talk to people’s dogs and cats…it is who I am.  There is this absolutely gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog named Cato that lives on our street, he is very well behaved and just a handsome love.  Every time I see this dignified and statuesque boy I want to pet him, he is super friendly and is that dog in the neighbourhood that wags his tail and greets everyone…but not me.  He sees me and he quietly slips past.  I am not sure if my wanting him to come say “Hi” to me is why he is rather indifferent or maybe he thinks I have enough canine compatriots and he doesn’t want to join my pack.  Whatever his reasoning, I have to check my ego at the door and remind myself when I encounter him out on a walk,  that although I feel very comfortable with  animals and I want to be everyone’s friend, I am not the Dog Whisperer.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had a magical super power it would be to communicate with animals, but even if I had it, that doesn’t mean Cato would want to be my bud!   I have to learn to accept that he has his reasons for not nuzzling into me like most of the dogs and cats I meet up with.  I will respect that he doesn’t desire me to be part of his pack.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t remain positive and hopeful that one day he and I will be fast friends and I that he will welcome me to join his inner circle. Perhaps I will start carrying around chunks of hot dogs in my pocket and dose my self in ode de Boeuf to expedite the process, that’s not passive aggressive is it?

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