Thoughts to Paws over…


When I wake up in the morning, you are there.  We eat breakfast together and then we go out for a walk.  When I come home you are there waiting for me by the door.  During the day you sit at my feet as I work away at my desk.  When I vacuum or wash the dishes you are never far away.  In the evenings when I finally decide to sit and read or watch a show on the television, you are cuddled up beside me.  When I go to bed at night you are right there at my side, every night!  You are my best friend, my companion in life and you love me unconditionally, why is it then that people are so confused when I grieve at your loss?  Why is it that you question when I find it hard to go to work the next day or smile like nothing has changed, because a member of my family is gone?   Why is it when I am struggling several months later, there are those who are  confused and think I am strange for not being able to instantly move forward?   For some people the one that they spend the majority of their days and nights with are covered in fur.  They may not converse, they may not help pay the rent or contribute when the chores need to be done, but the gift they give far outweighs any thing that can be quantified or adequately put into words.  Love is love, friendship is friendship and no one should underestimate or undermine the bonds we have with our animal family members!   As I watch my dog aging, as he sleeps more and slows down on our walks I try and brace myself for what lies around what I hope is a distant corner.  Ultimately I know nothing will prepare me for the eventuality that one day he will no longer be standing at the door with his stuffie in his mouth waiting to greet me,in that moment I find myself remembering all my other friends whom I continue to miss on any given day and honour the place they hold in my heart!

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