Thoughts to Paws over…






“You’ll pay for that!”  We have all been there, where you perceive you have been wronged and you feel you need to drive that point home to the one whom has mistreated you!   The best example I can think of in my own life, my girls were but mere babes in arms.  My spouse got the opportunity to travel from Hay River (and for those of you who are saying, “Where’s that?”  It’s eleven hours north of Edmonton in the wonderful Northwest Territories) to Vernon, British Columbia for a work related conference.   It was the second night of my hubby’s escape, my youngest was a few months old and might I point out, nursed every twenty minutes, she basically was like a leech.   My oldest was just over three and unfortunately had a habit of getting severe ear infections.  After a day of doing daycare of 5 children all under the age of 3 and caring for my own I realized my poor child needed to make a trip over to the E.R.   I called a girl friend, she came over to take care of my screaming infant while I took her wailing sister to the hospital.  I returned two hours later, got the girls settled into bed and the phone rang.   What a surprise, it was their Dad calling to check in.   The youngest was connected to my breast, and I was feeling rather exhausted and haired and made the mistake of asking my spouse what he was doing, he proceeded to share with me that he was sitting outside in a hot tub, drinking a beer and he was bored.  I think I might have shared a few expletives and felt had an overwhelming urge to end our conversation immediately.  When he got back from his wonderfully relaxing work trip he got a bit of the cold shoulder, it took me a few days to get over my anger and I admit the thought may have crossed my mind to scrub the toilet with his toothbrush as punishment  for having the opportunity to unwind.   I was realizing today that I think that is what my cat Romeo does when I decide to go away for a night or two.   I think he feels so annoyed that I got a break and he wasn’t included that he has to make me pay for a few days.   During the daylight hours he is rather chilly with me and I am ignored,  he avoids being in the same room with me, he shoots me looks when I talk to him and he moves his head away when I attempt to give him a kiss.  At night he is restless and makes sleeping next to impossible so that when I get up in the morning I am dragging myself around the house.  After a few days though, he’s back to purring at my feet when I step out of the shower and cuddling up to me as I slumber,  he is full of love and we fall back into our routine, all is forgiven!




the idea of paying for pissing off you spouse….pissing off the cat…retribution…

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