Thoughts to Paws over…


If I lived in Quebec and found myself in a shelter, as I did five years ago in Thunder Bay….due to the new legislation that was voted on regarding certain breed characteristics, I would be euthanized.   Take a good look at me!  I am beautiful!  I am gentle!  I am lovable! I am sweet!  I am misunderstood!  I am not a killer!

Nature versus Nuture…. if you raise an animal with love and compassion and protect it and honour who it is, it can be live in harmony with others!   Killing an animal because of it’s potential to cause harm is ignorant!   There are lot’ s of dog breeds out there that have attacked or injured people or other animals that are Labs, NewFoundlanders, Shepherds , the list can go on and on.   As a society we need to have compassion and tolerance, banning a breed isn’t the answer.  Eradicating stupidity is!

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