Thoughts to Paws over…


Some good news!!!

Quebec Superior Court Justice, Louis Gouin, has temporarily suspended the ban and restrictions on pit bull-type dogs until he makes a further ruling on Oct. 5.   Gouin’s ruling comes at the end of full day of arguments by lawyers for the SPCA and the city of Montreal.   Let’s hope that he has time to reflect what it means to dispose of a breed and other dogs with specific characteristics that liken them to that group of animals.   Exterminating a type of canine that find them self at a Pound or  in Shelters isn’t a resolution to deal with the prejudices that Pitbulls face.  Education is key, what about instituting a policy that if people wish to adopt a “suspicous” breed that they must take obedience courses and be evaluated as responsible or even licensed to have this dog and must understand that if they do not follow the requirements their pet will be taken away.

Gouin makes his decision Wednesday on a longer temporary ban, which would last until the SPCA’s challenge of the bylaw is heard in court.   I am thinking of the well being of those animals whose lives hang in the balance as this judge deliberates on his decision and hope that he makes a choice that is based on the value of the innocent lives of these dogs.  Perhaps if he was flooded with images of families with their Pitbulls living in harmony, if he could see their goofball, lovable nature, he will not succumb to pressure by those who supported this ban based on fear.



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