Thoughts to Paws over…




I think everyone is familiar with the expression “It takes a village to raise a child.”  What an awesome concept that as a community people should work together to help one another to  flourish,  when everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential, the universe is truly rewarded.  Recently, I heard of a family that is going through a separation, these circumstances are very impactful on a child’s life, minimizing stress and unnecessary turmoil is a key factor to everyone being able to cope with the new living arrangements.  Often with the dissolution of a marriage the end result is a change in residences for the entire family.  The sticky part comes when there are pets in the equation, where do they go?  To complicate matters, finding a new place that one can afford and also be allowed to bring their furry house mate can also pose problems.   It is sad that sometimes our pets aren’t as portable as our children.  This is when the concept of “It Takes a Village…” comes to my mind.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if as a community when we know of family that is struggling to figure out how they are not going to be separated from their animals,  that we step in to offer assistance.  Maybe that could come in the form of allowing their pet to stay with you for a few months or offering to buy a few bags of food when money is tight or help out with walking  or pee breaks if job circumstances change, there is always some way we can help, no matter how inconsequential it may seem.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to help minimize the impact of an already tough situation by trying to lend a hand?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to allow the children and their furry family members to stay together when their parents are trying to work things out.  Life isn’t perfect and can be messy at times, but helping a family reduce the disruption and heartbreak is act of altruism that would be truly appreciated by all those going through the change in living arrangements!

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