Thoughts to Paws over…


Who says that MacGyver has to be a guy?  On the weekend my Daughter and Son-in-law had to vacate their home for a few hours so the realtor could do a few showings.  First off, the two had to scramble to get the house looking presentable, and get organized to make sure they had all the gear they would need for their baby and the dog would also have to join them.  As any parent will attest, getting the Diaper bag stocked is no small feat, my Daughter had her plate full.  The two rushed out of the house and drove to their favourite park along the Lake and were getting the baby situated in the stroller and ready to roll when my Son-in-law called out from the back of the vehicle, “You wouldn’t have happened to grab Rupert’s leash?”    I think we have all been there in that moment when you feel you had your assigned tasks and someone dropped the ball, she took a deep breath and tried not to sound exasperated when she reminded him that her job was to get the baby’s needs organized, he was to grab the leash.   My Son-in-law is no slouch though, he started combing through the car to see what he could find to fashion into something that they could attach the dog to so he wouldn’t dart off after cyclists or geese.  After a few moments he came up with the idea of tying their re-usable cloth grocery bags together and connecting them to Rupert’s collar.  “All set,” he announces, rather proud of himself for coming up with such an ingenious idea (I think I might have done something similar, I believe I used a hoodie once).   My Daughter got one look at what he had devised and gave him a thumbs down, there was no way she was going to stroll through the park looking like a “Hobo”!   (Her words).   It was time for her to put her MacGyver hat on and she started to think.  She realized that their Jogging stroller had a strap on the side, with a handle no less,  that one could use while running, light bulb moment!  They managed to remove it and connect it to their spirited little canine and off they went, problem solved and everyone happy!   My Daughter’s chest puffed out most likely,  as she was so pleased with her resourceful and inspired idea, the first of many times as a Mom that she will have to use a paper clip and some chewing gum when life becomes unleashed!

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