Thoughts to Paws over…




When the cat needs a time out!  Feline’s are known for being adventurous, inquisitive and clever,  one could also use the words cuddly, fun-loving and sweet.  I have to say my boy Romeo had a much less admirable descriptor tied to his name this morning, incorrigible, crafty and ill mannered come to mind!   We had a canine guest staying at the house for a few nights, her only hang up,  she isn’t fond of cats, for our lovable feline’s well-being, he was cloistered to the back of the house.  If you are feeling sorry for him, please don’t, he had four rooms to meander through, a big comfy dog bed (that he spends most of his days slumbering on, normally it is in the living room, but I relocated it to the office just for him) and his litter box was  close at hand.  I will concede that Romeo is a very social cat and wasn’t thrilled with the idea of not being allowed out in the general population, he doesn’t like to miss anything, he’s always right in the middle of the action.  The morning after his first night of seclusion, he was rather saucy about being locked up with me over night in my bedroom, he decided he would be disruptive so I couldn’t sleep in the wee hours of the morning, I understood he felt he had to make me aware of his objections to being put in an imposed time out.  It just so happened I had an action packed day, his hijinks didn’t bother me,  I needed to get up anyway.  After night two of being cooped up and the added insult of being alone all evening as my spouse and I went to a concert, he was in a bit of a snit.   He snuggled up in bed with me with no qualms, nestled under my arm, so I thought we were good.  My punishment started around 5 a.m.  after he’d had his fill of affection.  He  started off with meowing and caterwauling loudly, which progressed into prodding me in the face with his paw a few times, then he hooked his claw into my lip, and finally he got up on the head board and started pounding on the blinds.  Imagine a two year old in a full out tantrum, that’s where his mindset was.  He  was airing his frustration with his imposed time out so that I understood how wronged he felt!   I am going to be honest, after his impudence I was ready to walk out of the bedroom and leave him for another hour or two to contemplate his behaviour, but I cut him some slack…he took one for the team and wasn’t allowed to be the master of his own destiny for two whole days!  Every thing is back to the usual this afternoon, he’s laying out on the dog bed below the living room window, arms out stretched (he must be a little tired from his protest this morning).  I keep eyeing him out there, looking so incredibly cute and thinking maybe I should go vacuum the carpet right beside where he is resting or perhaps spray some Windex on the glass above his head?    No, I will put the shoe on the other foot and remain empathetic and hope that tonight he is over it….but he is a cat, so my expectations are realistic!

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