Thoughts to Paws over…


I have been smiling all morning thanks to my Big Boy Lucas!  My youngest daughter took him on a little trip for two days, I am not really sure if he got the same quality of walks, perhaps he didn’t go at all, who knows, he was having a little break from his daily routine at home which is good for him.   Lucas is a senior dog, albeit he loves his walks,  but his enthusiasm isn’t as overt as it used to be when I suggest it’s time to stretch our legs.   A lot of days I have to wake Lucas from a deep slumber to let him know I am heading towards the door to get my coat on.  He missed four walks with me while he was away, nominal really!  I was bowled over, literally,  by his zeal yesterday when I picked up his leash and was reminded of what it was like to suggest we take a stroll when he became part of the family five years ago!  This morning was more of the same,  Lucas was ever so eager to get outside and tour the neighbourhood.  I couldn’t help but be entertained by the fact that he had to pee on every tree, smell every blade of grass and bush, his head down, practically dragging me as he tried to process everything he had missed in ninety-six hours!   I am not sure how long this keenness with last?  But it is nice to be missed and appreciated and even nicer when I realize how much he truly loves his walks with me!

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