Thoughts to Paws over…



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Walking the dog through the neighbourhood after Halloween is a giant headache!!   If you happen to have a pooch who isn’t a forager and is all about the  journey,  then you can relax and focus on the task at hand!   I have a few canine buds though, that spend the entire time we are out, nose to the ground, looking for something gratifying to consumme!  I have spent that past two days eyes locked on my charges, it seems like every two houses I am bending over to extract treat wrappers from their jaws, sucker sticks and even small pieces of candy.  One small chocolate bar or a Skittle shouldn’t wreak havoc on your pet, but the junk food they find  can cause some diarrhea or upset stomach.  Just a reminder, while you are out and about, be mindful of the remnants of Halloween strewn about your front lawns, sidewalks and in the park!

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