Thoughts to Paws over…



Empty Nesters!  I figure in about another year that will be my reality, both my girls will no longer be living under our roof, we will just be accountable to the fur babies.  I am not looking forward to the day when our youngest decides that she no longer wants to reside with her parentals, it’s nice having her company, so I will miss her.   The concept that has been making me sad lately isn’t the idea of our nest being empty, I have lot’s of time to process it and get used to the idea, but man’s best friend will not know what hit him!  Lucas absolutely adores his big sister.  He sleeps with her every night, he hangs out with her while she works on assignments or watches Netflix, if she is home, he is curled up beside her!   This summer she went away on two trips, each time she was gone, poor old Lucas walked around like Eeyore with an “Oh bother,”  like demeanor.  He pouts and lays on the couch frequently releasing a heavy sigh, he is completely put out when she is not here for him to while away the time with.  I realized today that when she moves out it will be a hard adjustment, he is going to require frequent visits, perhaps she can come for dinners or who knows, maybe she will hang out and do her laundry?  Hopefully he can go over to her new place for a  visit  from time to time?  The only thing I am certain of, I will not be the only one suffering when the last bird leaves the nest and I am not sure how to prepare him.

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