Thoughts to Paws over…


Last night Romeo was nestled in the crook of my arm, purring so loud I couldn’t hear the movie I was watching.  My spouse was sitting beside me and made the observation. “That cat is completely, and utterly spoiled!”   Later as I was trying to drift off to sleep I started thinking about that word, spoiled.  When I hear that word I think of a block of cheese forgotten in the car on a day where the temperature is over 100 degrees and you find it sometime later that week and the only recourse you have is to throw it in the trash!    Or how about when you go to have a bowl of cereal, you grab the carton and instead of a nice milky substance flowing over your breakfast you see chunky bits that resemble cottage cheese that have rendered the whole concept of eating your first meal rather unpalatable.  No, Romeo isn’t spoiled, he is “loved” and he is utterly aware of that and overtly appreciative of the affection and security he feels with our family!  Sure, he can be a little naughty and can test and exploit our admiration for him by pushing the boundaries, but how does that saying go, “Love has no limits?”

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