Channeling our inner child or in his case, his desire to  honour his puppy side!   In our neighbourhoods people are allowed to rake their leaves to the curb and the city comes along and sucks them up with a great big machine.  It’s November and the trees have been very obliging and dropping their brightly coloured foliage.   Diesel has been finding the huge collections of leaves utterly irresistible!  Just hearing the sound of them rustle in the breeze makes him giddy with enthusiasm!   Every time he gets close enough to walk near a deposit of them he will pick up his feet and prance, the mere feel of the wetness under his feet is exhilarating!  I was sad I didn’t have my phone today, but I doubt I would have gotten organized to record it anyway, enjoying it with my own eyes was enough to boost my spirits!  We neared a long pile of leaves that was at least 10 feet long, three feet wide and two feet high, there was no stopping that dog, he saw them and dove in head first.   Lucas stood by watching, a little confused why this crazy pooch was so intoxicated by rolling around reveling in the gifts of autumn, but I got it!   It was awesome, and made me smile, it reminded of me when I was five and we had a big Silver Maple in the front yard, my sisters and I would rake up big heaping piles and then I would free fall into them and lay there smelling the earthy scent.  After a good long  romp, he emerged pieces of leaves in his pinch collar, shaking off all the little tidbits clinging to his back and face, he was absolutely thrilled with himself.   I love seasons, apparently so does Diesel!


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