Thoughts to Paws over…


I am realizing that I am a different breed, unto myself!  No one likes to stoop and scoop, but I am a conscientious dog walker and unless the dogs do their business off into the wooded area of the path we walk on, I pick up their deposits!  Often being responsible, comes with it ups and downs, at this time of year as the temperatures cool off, I am juggling leashes and mittens and poop bags, which as ridiculous as it sounds, can be daunting.  Some days I will have three or more sacks that I am trying to hold onto until I can find a garbage can. The other day I was dropping off a client to their person and I muttered how I must have lost the “deposit” her dog made along the way.  She smiles, steps towards me and pulls a bag out of my pocket…  “Oh, there it is!  Awesome!”  I exclaim, happy that I haven’t littered.  I had her laughing whole heartedly.  I realize this seems gross, but let me add that my clients that are on raw food don’t really poop, they leave little pebbles of sorts that barely amount to anything.  It wasn’t like I had a giant sized Diesel movement stuffed in my coat, that would have been gross.  Anyway, I realize that toting dog excrement in one’s pocket is kind of nasty, but my take away from this is that I truly love what I do!   Even if others may think it is ‘shitty’.    Dog “DO DO” and all….yup, different strokes for different folks, so if you ask to borrow my jacket, maybe don’t thrust your hands into my pockets…you never know what you may find.

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