Rest in Peace

Sending out love to Charlie and Marbles families whose hearts are aching today at the loss of their dear friends.  I am grateful that Marbles was a wonderful friend and cuddle mate for my niece and nephew and a great companion to her buddy Cheddar!  She was a very regal looking girl with a great sense of whimsy, not many; cats I know that will let their human dress them up and then pose.

Charlie was ever so fortunate to land on the door stop of my Brother-in-law’s family!  He was loved to the moon and back and will be greatly missed.  I remind myself that we are brought together with our furry counter parts so that we can learn from them and they can absorb all the love we have to give for their short stint on the planet with us!

It is a very hard to loose a friend, and this time of year seems to make it even more heart breaking.  As hard it is to hear, focusing on the blessing that they were in your life and the love you shared is the best gift that one can ever receive!  Rest in peace Charlie and Marbles, you were adored and will live on in the hearts of those that loved you.

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