Thoughts to Paws over…


Pardon me while I toot my own horn and  puff out my chest, usually that isn’t my style.  Recently I was asked why people would want to board their dogs with me as opposed to a kennel, where they could be with lot’s of other animals and have more stimulation. I am not going to suggest that kennels aren’t great, there are lot’s of wonderful places that one can board their pets, and I am not pretending for a moment that I am the end all and be all!  Recently I posted a picture on Facebook, of me on a Friday night watching a movie on the couch, underneath of the family cat, with my dog laying on my feet and one of my clients laying on my other shoulder.    When your pet comes to stay in my home while you are away, it is part of the family.  My daughter allows many of our guests to camp out on her bed overnight, my spouse often has a dog or two laying under his desk as he works, while I make dinner I have an audience, twice a day your dog will get a half hour stroll through our neighbourhood and on weekends we tend to go for lovely long walks in St. Jacobs or along the trails in Elora. Whatever we are doing, my furry visitors are part of the every day goings on in our house hold.  My Casa es su casa is the adage we have!  If your dog isn’t allowed on the couch at home, no worries…we don’t allow that, we get down on the floor for cuddles!   If your pet has an allergy, we are overtly careful.  Personally, how my family incorporates the furry guests we have stay with us into our lives is exactly what I want for my boys when I go away!  I want them to feel loved and included, I want them to have fun and have their own vacation.   Why pay me to take care of your pet…WHY NOT!

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