Magical Moments

Magical Moments…   I was just walking three dogs through the park and I had my Nano with me and was listening to my Purchased list.   As big snow flakes began to fall down through the trees and cover the path, the scene before me feeling quite magical, the song “When Christmas Comes to Town” from the movie Polar Express began playing.  I felt so blessed and grateful to be alive and outside experiencing such a beautiful moment in time.   As I was feeling lost in that instance, Lucas decided to veer to the right to relieve himself and Newton and Diesel discovered a stick and both stopped abruptly…I tripped and just about went ass over tea kettle (love this expression as sometimes it is so fitting).  I was feeling a bit grumpy and my mood darkened, so I hit replay and adjusted my attitude!   “The best time of the year, When everyone comes home, With all this Christmas cheer…”    Imagine my glee when two songs later Michael Buble began crooning,  “This Christmas”….truly, this never happens as I have 438 songs in my purchased list!   Love this time of year when magic is lurking in the air!

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