Welcome to the Family

img_2038Welcome Lovely girl!

This is Sadie, she has recently been adopted into our extended fur family!   If the eyes are the window to the soul, then I see a gentle, trusty little beauty who is very eager to give and receive love!  I love to look at this image, it reminds me  of what hope looks like!  When a dog comes into a new living situation they come with a sense of trepidation, will this new family love me unconditionally, will this be a place where I can curl up and call home and feel safe?   My crystal ball just happens to be in working order today, and I would like to tell those questioning eyes that she has found a marvelous and lovely group of people that she can count on to be her life long friends! 2017 is a New  Year of promise, new bonds to be forged and joyful memories to be made!   Welcome to your new pack Sadie!

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