Thoughts to Paws over…


When your beau goes back to his family!  Yup, I love him, he’s not mine, his heart belongs to someone else, regardless of that fact,  I still love him!  This visit we spent two wonderful weeks together…   The men in my life, they know about him, there is nothing hush hush or clandestine about my feelings for him!  Yesterday, his people called to say they were about a half hour away and would be coming to collect him.  I hung up the phone and was puttering around making sure I had his bags packed and his effects organized so he was ready to return to his regular address.   I went into the bathroom to have a seat on the throne, normally when I do this, my love will sometimes wander by, he might even stop in and nuzzle me with his nose to say hello, but for the most part he respects my alone time!  As I sat there running over a mental list to make sure I had gotten everything I heard my friend running my way, I am not sure if he suddenly realized his bed was no longer under the front window, maybe he over heard my phone conversation, perhaps it was the absence of his dishes in the kitchen, I am not entirely sure…one minute he was at the door and the next he came rushing at me, I think, to convey me would miss me.  I was caught off balance, literally, as his head somehow managed to go in the leg of my undies that were around my knees,  90 pounds of Golden Retriever just about turfed me off the toilet.  He seemed as equally surprised as I was, for a brief second he was a bit panicked as he realized his head was caught in something?  I have never laughed so hard in all my life!  Despite the fact that my legs went up in the air,  I managed to stay seated somehow, and I also was able to get his head free from it’s encumbrance!   Today I am feeling a bit blue, missing my golden boy!!


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