Thoughts to Paws over…


My new little shadow!  He seems to be enjoying his stay and is always stretched out somewhere near by.  I was musing today that when he is out walking with his Mom, he always makes a beeline to my front door, he seems intrigued by  the idea of coming in for a visit!  He’s been bunking with us for four nights now and I noticed this morning, unlike that past three, when we were heading back to my house after our walk he didn’t bolt across our lawn wanting to go inside. I am wondering if he finds what is behind the big red door isn’t a mystery anymore, maybe I am boring and he has come to believe I am not as intriguing as he once perhaps thought I was! Have I used up my bag of tricks?   Today we went to visit the neighbour, I was reminded of the Sam I know and love, the one that just can’t wait to get inside and explore!  I was thinking of the expression “the grass is always greener on the other side of the street!”  I am pondering when he returns to his regular routine whether he will be excited again about coming for a visit or whether he will look for some greener grass?  Or maybe the way I should look at it is that we are just in the next phase of our relationship, the part where we are now comfortable with one another, no longer needing to impress!  Where we can just chill and relax and feel safe in one another’s company!  Whatever the case may be, it is lovely to have a snuggle buddy to watch a movie with or a quiet presence to laze beside my feet as I work away on the computer.  I appreciate the insights and inspiration my little friends share with me!

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