Thoughts to Paws over…


Two of my canine walking mates are moving and I have to say I have been feeling down in the dumps, that they will no longer be a part of my weekly routine.  It amazes me how quickly I become attached to my four legged friends and how they weave themselves into the tapestry of my heart and life.  I haven’t lived with these two, I merely walk with them three times a week, that’s it.  It is not like there is anything special about the way I move one foot after another, I plod along like everyone else.  Maybe a little faster than some,  but I don’t have a super power that no one else possesses.  However, when I walk with my little friends I establish a rapport with them, I get to know what they find interesting, I can read their body language and our time together becomes sacred and significant to me.  Yup, even on those cold rainy walks, whether we are a duo or a trio, those thirty minutes are special!  Today, as I think about Spring and the concept that those two pooches will be in a new home, with a new dog walker, I wonder…will that person take the effort to cuddle with little Miss to gain her trust, she is complicated but so worth the time we spent sitting on the steps with her sleeping on my knees after a cold wintry walk.  Will Master P be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the new person and get his fix of Tim Horton’s wrappers and other opportunistic waste he discovers and surreptitiously nibbles away on?   As part of the human race, when your friend moves away you have the option to keep in touch via social media or ring them up on the phone. I feel it is a bit odd to ask their people if I can Facetime every once in awhile with their dogs to catch up.  Life is about change, change can be good, it can bring about new opportunities and growth!  I truly hope so for my two little friends!   I wish that whomever gets the pleasure of attaching the leash to their collar and taking them out for a stroll makes the time to get to know them and appreciate them, that it is not just a way to pay the bills.  And me, well, I will focus my energy on hoping the universe directs a new extraordinary friend along their path,  maybe that way, my heart won’t hurt so much.

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