Thoughts to Paws over…

Leg room is a wonderful thing when trying to get some sleep that should not be taken for granted! Last night I was able to finally stretch my gams out and not sleep in the fetal position.  We had a lovely visit this past week with Sam while his family vacationed in Mexico, but he and my kitty hogged the bottom half of the mattress!  Last night he went home to his people and today we are back to our regular numbers.  Holy Moly, am I feeling melancholy today!  Is it the weather this month?  Could it be it’s the February blahs?  I have been walking around today with a heavy heart, heck, even the cat seems sad!  Romeo is curled up in a ball on the downstairs office chair with no one he feels like nuzzling. Lucas has found a couch and is sleeping soundly with no one to alert him of the goings on in our neighbourhood!   It’s very quiet and frankly, a little boring.  That’s when I remembered that tomorrow another four legged friend is coming to stay with us, followed the next day by my Grand puppy and Grand Kitty, life will not be dull by any stretch of the imagination! It has struck me that I will have more leg room for the next week, but sleeping in has just become a luxury I will not have for the next seven days!  Who needs eight hours of REM time anyway?   ” Grey skies are going to clear up, put on a Happy Face, Brush off the clouds and cheer up, Put on Happy Face!  …”

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