Thoughts to Paws over…


This morning it was blustery and cold, as I walked along one of my favourite sections I was mesmerized by the sight of the snow falling and how impressive the trees are the way their branches reach to the sky.   It amazed me how quiet it was outside and I looked down at my two walking companions and reminded myself how lucky I am to have friends that get me out and about. Just before we reached home I ran into a lady down the street, I usually see and her woolly dog out walking, but as of late I only see her alone.  As she cleared her drive I inquired if her dog was okay, she said that her dog had gotten sick and had to be put down last week.  I felt a lump in my throat as I watched her scratch Diesel under his chin.   Later on in the day, after I had done a few chores I went on to Facebook and noticed a post on Gratitude.  After reading it, I got to thinking about how I already do some of the things it suggested to live a life where I appreciate my daily blessings, and yet there were others I could adopt into my daily routine.  One suggestion was to make a conscious effort to recognize at least three people every day , this got me to thinking that in the line of work I do, there are at least three furry creatures I could pin point each day, that have filled my heart with joy and have either taught me something or perhaps help made my life richer due to my interaction.  I thought of  Murray, a horse that lived in Milton with my cousins,  I looked forward to what seemed like and endless drive, so I could run out to the fenced in area where he lived and talk to him.  How I loved that horse, he could be cantankerous, but I didn’t care, he would stand there and let me scratch his nose and listen to me prattle on.  Another friend that came to mind was, Whiskey, a big old Newfie Cross that lived a few doors down from us in Nanaimo.   There was something about watching the interaction between him and his person Steve that made my heart happy, neither of them were overly expressive, and yet you could sense the depth of love that they had for one another.  I think of them often as I am out with the boys.  Then there was Zola, a small wisp of girl that had the softest curly fur.   When I would baby sit my  cousin, Zola would snuggle with me on the couch, I was nervous being on my own in the house, but somehow that tiny little pooch made me feel safe.  I adored that little dog!   Each day as I am out with my charges I see Maggie and Leroy in the front window, some days they bark a greeting, others they are laid out in the window, one eye open aware I am walking by, yet again.  There is the orange tabby that wanders through the neighbourhood with his accommodating person who stays with him, keeping an eye on him.  It amazes me how patiently his person meanders along with him, never rushing him!  It can be -15 and that gentleman will stand around for over a half hour, watching his kitty go from house to house,  until they eventually make their way home, it’s a very cool sight to behold.  We see Maggie, a sweet senior girl who likes to make her way to the park every day, when we stop to say hello to Gail her person,  that lovely old girl rests under a tree, she knows the ladies like to chat and she indulges us.  Every where I go, I meet four legged examples of how animals make our lives a richer, more wonderful existence!  They prompt us to be patient, kind, generous, they have so many blessings to pass along to us human beings to remind us to be grateful for the here and now.

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