Thoughts to Paws over…


I sometimes wish my charges had thought bubbles over their heads so I could accurately pin point what they are thinking!  The gentleman I listen to on the radio in the morning warned his audience that the weather was going to get nasty by midday! My first walk was great, in fact it seemed mild!  It was wet and drizzled for poor Marcus and I on my second one, his white fur got rather messy.  I sat and watched the ice building up on the office window, hoping that perhaps the rain would subside and the sky would clear for my late afternoon walk.  Nope, I finally acquiesced that it wasn’t going to get any better our there!  I put on my tights, my winter jacket, and covered it with my rain poncho from Universal studios (snazzy) and put my ice picks onto my boots and off we went!  We got out the door and bless Diesel’s heart, he looked up at me as he was relieving himself as if to say he just needed a quick break and then he would be happy to head back in to the house.  The three of us walked for a good twenty-five minutes or more and got soggy and dirty.  At least twice Diesel stopped and planted himself, the blurb over his head would’ve read “Hell no, I won’t go!”  I somehow managed to convince him to keep going.  We passed a gentleman standing in his garage surveying his driveway wondering if he had spread enough salt,  usually we see him on the path in the park, but there was no way he was going to venture out today.  He thought it was rather amusing to see me and my bedraggled four legged friends braving the elements and asked me if we were nuts!  When we got to the park, I was pleasantly surprised to run into another man I see from time to time, with his dog Molly…this was validating to me, I wasn’t that crazy, someone else thought it wasn’t that bad out!  I finally came to the realization though that no matter how long or far I walked, my little friend was not going to do his business, Lucas had accepted Mother Nature’s blustery afternoon dump of  icy rain, but not Diesel, he has standards for what is acceptable weather.  As we hit the home stretch,  I could sense his exuberance, and general relief that his safe haven was waiting for him! I have decided I need a new rain poncho that says in bold lettering “CRAZY DOG WALKING LADY!”


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