Thoughts to Paws over…


Most accidents happen close to home!  This is due to the fact that people feel a sense of relaxation by the repetition of driving through their own neighborhood, this factor likely plays a role in people being less attentive.  Today I was heading over to do an afternoon walk with a client, I haven’t been feeling awesome due to a head cold I succumbed to on the weekend so I was feeling like I had cobwebs in my brain!   I live in a quiet neighbourhood, school buses were just starting to appear dropping children off. I meandered down the street, stopped and looked for traffic and then began crossing at the corner, when much to my horror I came dangerously close to becoming a hood ornament for someone’s car.  Thankfully, I was paying attention, I have to say that was a good thing, had I not been I would have been mowed down.  One minute I was strolling, the next I was making an inaudible screeching sound and leaping through the air out of the way of a car the was careening around the corner.   The person driving wasn’t looking at a phone, much to my surprise!   She was guilty of cutting the corner, driving in the opposing lane, she was a few doors away from home and she was in auto pilot.   Startled, I tried to regain my balance and embarrassingly,  I burst into tears, she truly scared me.   When the driver realized what had almost transpired she stopped her car, rolled down the window and apologized.  Anyone who knows me, will attest to the fact that I have the gift of gab, but in this instance I have to say I had no words!  I am always the person to apologize when someone hits me with a door or bangs into me in a busy mall, but today I was at a loss for words!   What do you say to the person who didn’t maim you?  “That’s okay…?   No worries ?”   I stared at her wide eyed and speechless.  It took awhile for me to collect myself and gather my thoughts, and the thing that was at the forefront of my thoughts was one of my clients.   Maggie is a sweet old girl, deaf and practically blind whose home is right on that corner, she ambles across that same trajectory every day for her walks.  Had that been her in that very spot, the outcome would have been drastically different!  An accident,  is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, it’s an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause and yet  in most cases, avoidable!  We all are guilty of being on auto pilot as we near home, but today I was made very aware of how quickly circumstances can change for the good or for the bad!  As I write I hope the driver of that car recognizes the gravity of what almost transpired and will be mindful and more careful as she takes the turn towards her place of residence, and I myself am struck with a sense of gratitude that I am in one piece, comfortably seated in my office chair listening to Ed Sheeran!

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