Thoughts to Paws…

There are days when going to work just seems so hard!  I have been very lucky and managed to go through the winter without one cold, and then two weeks ago I got my first sore throat and stuffy nose, not a big deal, everyone succumbs to the germs floating about at some point!  After four days of feeling rather crappy, I had the impression I was getting better, and I was feeling thrilled that the bug that got me was so short lived.  I realized when I woke up this past Saturday morning that I wasn’t that lucky!  Those nasty microorganisms had faked me out, they were laying low, rallying, just waiting to manifest themselves in a way that would make a true impression!  Five days have gone by since the second wave and I am feeling pretty dang dreadful….the skin on my nose is red and angry, I could swear I have a sack of cement on my chest and my head might implode with all the pressure.   I was out walking with my canine compatriots and was having a hard time keeping my composure!  The jeans I had chosen were giving me a wedgie that was beyond tolerable, my doggie do do bags were blowing off, I kept dropping my mitts so I had to bend over to retrieve them (which was exacerbating the situation with my tighty whities).   We are experiencing strong winds today with southwesterly gusts of 60 km/h, which on top of everything, was zapping my energy, the notion of curling up in a ball behind someone’s blue spruce seemed oddly appealing.  As my little friend Sunny and her bigger brawnier housemate Marcus, made strides into the wind to head for home I had this funny thought cross my mind, I felt like a zombie!   Today I could be a walk on for my favourite show, no make up required!  It’s all good, I will be fine, I just hope no one driving by me when I go out for the afternoon walks think that the walking dead have become a real life phenomena!

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