Thoughts to Paws over…

Sometimes being well behaved and following the rules is just one continuous “hit the snooze” button kind of life!  There are times that the allure of taking a walk on the wild side calls so loudly you just can’t drown it out!  My little friend next door has a difficulty sometimes towing the line, chewing on Mom’s slipper or ripping apart the treasures in the recycle box is way too much fun!  Recently he became a big brother, there is an incredibly cute snugly baby that he has to share his parents affections with!   For the most part he has been completely enamoured with the babe.   Perhaps he thought that this tiny being was only coming for a visit?  Maybe this little child needed a place to crash as her regular spot she use to reside at was no longer available?   Whatever the case, I think he has finally figured out that this kid is making itself very comfortable….and she is showing no signs of vacating the premises.   It is also sinking in that he is no longer an only child! He has come to realize that his Mom and Pop don’t have the same amount of time to lavish on him and he is expected to be a bit more accommodating to this small human, that smells so good and makes such fascinating noises!   In fact, even though he knows he is an incredibly handsome boy and loved, he is feeling a wee bit jealous…just a tad!  So when the munchkin made a nasty mess in her brand new sleeper and had to be taken to the bath, the four legged super hero of the family swooped in and grabbed that messy garment and dragged it off to another room and he meticulously cleaned it!  Talk about taking one for the team! Then the dog walker lady showed up for an afternoon stroll,  it was a bit nippy but the sun was shining and the sky was so beautiful and blue that he couldn’t help but stop, drop and roll every now and then in the muck and grass, getting messy is so much fun!  As he neared home the realization hit him that he would soon be back inside, leaving nature behind for the day, with this in mind he couldn’t help but flop down one more time!  He stretched and rubbed his back vigorously in complete bliss, rather unwilling to get up, he had found a perfect place to revel in!   What a shame that the dog walker lady bent down to scratch his belly and realized that he was thrashing about in bunny bits!  What a find,  the remnants of a dead rabbit, what a perfectly mischievous afternoon!   Some days you just got to misbehave!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts to Paws over…

  1. Yuck!! And just where would this choice piece of property be? So I can be sure to avoid it with Sam who would also be all over it given the chance!! Poor Diesel, or at least Diesel’s parents – sounds like HE quite enjoyed himself!

    1. The bunny bits are on the burn link, the trail that over looks the highway. He rolled in a dead racoon back when there was snow so I was able to clean him off. (The Racoon is on Davenport, I’ve called numerous times asking to have it removed, falls on deaf ears). He has a knack for finding dead things.

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