Thoughts to Paws over…



One of my little charges is a petite unassuming  gal!  I believe we often think of small dogs as being containable, non threatening and easy to control!   The two of us were out walking on the park trail on Monday, it was a rather blustery, frigid day.   I was impressed by how hearty my gal pal is, she has a wiry coat, not really designed for -20 days, and yet she seemed unfazed!   I had made the decision to walk in the slightly wooded area as a means of protection from the brisk winds, figuring we wouldn’t encounter others because it was rather nasty and inclement.  Much to my surprise,  I spotted a young couple out walking their pooch, he was untethered  but when they saw me stoop over and pick up Mattie, they put a leash on their pooch.  They assumed I was worried that their bigger dog might hurt my smaller dog.  I smiled and as we passed I said, it wasn’t your four legged friend I was worried about, this little sweetie is feisty!  I have decided she needs a T-shirt that says “I may look like a Toy, but I have the energy of a Lab,  the stamina of a St. Bernard and the tenacity of a Terrier…don’t underestimate me!”

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