Thoughts to Paws over…


Do you ever wonder if in the animal kingdom there are daredevils?  We all know that person that likes to push the limits….walk along the edge of a cliff, jump off of bridges with a bungee chord, sky dive…  I remember mountain biking in B.C used to be my living on the edge activity, and if I am being honest, we didn’t really do anything that avant garde!   I have been musing as of late about some of the creatures that I encounter as I am out with my four legged friends.  The squirrel that was perfectly hidden and safe, the dogs were completely unaware of it’s existence and then it jumps down in front of one of them making quite the entrance, stares to make sure it’s audience is alert and then bolts right in their trajectory running as fast as it can to safety!  I swear to goodness, makes me think of Keanu Reeves in Point Break!   I remember one wintry day my two buds and I were walking along the snowy park trail, it was incredibly quiet and we were minding our business when the resident fox decided to literally jump out from the side of the trail sailing over top of Diesel, landing on the opposite side and disappeared into the woods.  The dogs looked up at me in utter disbelief, I myself had to close my mouth as I was awestruck! Why at that moment the Fox felt like jettisoning over two rather large canines threw me for an utter loop!  This seems to be a recurrent theme as of late, woodland creatures looking for an adrenaline rush and putting themselves in harms way for a thrill!  The last time I had this happen “Song 2” by the group Blur ran through my mind!   It seems that we humans aren’t the only ones wired for excitement, I am coming to believe that when things get a little dull in the Spruce Tree there is nothing more invigorating than playing a little Russian Roulette with the local canines!  Playing chicken can really get the heart rate going!  Not only for the critter that decides to engage in a little risky behaviour, the person at the end of the leash can get dragged into the excitement as well! “Woo, hoo….!!!”

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