Thoughts to Paws over…

My old boy is showing signs of getting on in years!  His muzzle is grey, he has cataracts in both eyes, he isn’t as spry as he once was, and he is deaf as a post!  Or that is what I have come to believe, ninety percent of the time that dog can’t hear a dang thing!  There are times when we come home and he is sleeping so soundly he continues to snore away on the couch and then acts surprised when he notices one of us walk by!   For the past twelve days my older daughter and my Grandson have been visiting and nap time has become quite the challenge….my baby love is a light sleeper, and having two dogs under the same roof is making it very difficult for the poor babes to get a good sleep!  Perhaps having the house so quiet has heightened Lucas’ hearing , but my dear old pooch seems to be more in tune to the noises in our neighbourhood!  My usually silent dog that is snoring in the back room blissfully unaware of the busy goings on outside of his door, has become rather loud and obnoxious this week and hyper sensitive!   I will say that having Rupert,  my daughter’s barking Sheltie isn’t helping matters, but there have been numerous occasions where Lucas is the first one to sound the alarm!  I have been pondering why Lucas is suddenly more able to hear when normally I have to go rouse him when it is walk time because he is oblivious to my calling him or jingling his leash!  Have his auditory senses suddenly improved?  Did a large junk of wax become dislodged?  Is he feeling more protective because there is a baby under our roof and he feels he has to be vigilant?  I know Rupert’s youthfulness and keen senses are keeping Lucas on his toes, but I am starting to wonder if my four legged friend is like the other men in my life and has selective hearing?  What I do know is that every time that little baby settles down to sleep my four legged senior citizen pushes the closed blinds out of the way and stares out the window and barks at the most inane goings on which normally he would care less about!  I will miss my visitors when they go, but I will also be glad to have my quiet old pooch sawing logs on the couch staying out of trouble!

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