Thoughts to Paws over…


Cats often get a bad wrap as being indifferent, overtly  independent and vindictive!  Personally I feel cats need to be applauded for being forth right!  One always knows where they stand with a feline!  It is often thought that cats are not very intelligent, that dogs are much brighter than your average kitty!  Wrong, wrong, wrong, that furry critter curled up in a ball at the end of your bed or lazing in the sunshine is extremely bright, intuitive and able to understand us humans!  I was chatting with a client recently, and was reminded of an incident that happened with my first cat, Samantha!  I have a Brother-in-law that has no use for felines and he makes his position very well known!  He is the warmest, friendliest guy…but put a cat in his trajectory and he becomes a very different guy, he mutters and grumbles under his breath and has nothing kind to say.  We were living in Salmon Arm, B.C at the time and my sister and her whole crew had come out from Ontario to explore the area.  As my Bro-in-law entered the house and walked by our cat Samantha he said “Stupid cat, don’t get too close to me or I will give you the boot!”  Samantha stared up at him unwavering and made him go around her.   We went out exploring the next day and when we got home my Sister came out of the bedroom and commented how odd it was that Peter’s boxer shorts were soaking wet where he’d left them on the bed.  I didn’t need a Detective, there was no scratching my head in wonderment on what had transpired, I knew right away that Samantha had made a very direct, bold statement to Pete…this is my place buddy, “Piss on you!”  From that point on, I made sure that the door remained closed to their room.   My client was talking to me about a similar incident.  Her son’s cat was visiting for the weekend and her spouse was not a fan, he loves his dog, but felines aren’t his thing!  She was commenting on how their dog is trained to stay on the main level of the house and not to go on the upper level where the bedrooms are.  The cat would roam all over the house, which her spouse found annoying.  Whenever he would come across the Grand Kitty he would make noises and would shoo it out of his way.   That night when he went to go to bed there was a poop strategically placed on HIS side of the bed near his pillows.  As gross as this is, and incredibly exasperating…cats are not dumb!  They are smart and they understand people all too well!  If you are rude, they will ever so adeptly convey to that person that their remarks were uncalled for, unkind and will not be tolerated!    It’s not really vindictive, it is simply a way of expressing that they were unjustly ridiculed or made to feel unwelcome!  Like it or not, cats are very good communicators!  When they are happy they will purr, when they are tired they will sleep, if they are hungry they will meow and if they are wronged, they will find a way of expressing their discontent!  Your pussy cat is not going to suck it up and go sulk somewhere like the family dog, they are going to let you know that they will not be disrespected!  “R -E – S- P- E -C- T… find out what it means to me…”   There is something to be said for knowing where you stand!

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