Thoughts to Paws over…



“Variety is the Spice of Life!”   And yet for some, consistency and repetition bring a great deal of comfort!  I often pair my old guy Lucas with young Diesel for their daily walks and for the past few years it has been a lovely partnership!  Lucas has taught Diesel how to be a good walker and focus on the task at hand.   As Lucas has gotten up in years he has started to slow down, he wants to stop and smell the roses more than he ever used to and he likes to take the same route every day.  Kind of like your typical senior citizen that likes their routine, change can be tiring and unsettling!   Diesel is not an old fart, far from it, he is in his prime, he wants to sow his oats and enjoy all the adventures life has to offer!  As of late our walks have become dysfunction junction!  Diesel just doesn’t seem interested in wanting to walk if we take our regular route, he stops, drops and rolls around without any intent on moving.  Lucas gets frustrated by the inertia and around waiting for the young guy to get motivated and get on with the business at hand, the daily route.  I have been walking Diesel on his own the past few days and I have realized that if we go a new direction, forge out on a path we haven’t tread in a while he has a renewed love for walking and he trots along side of me with enthusiasm! Yin and Yang!   When they are paired together there will have to be some compromise between the boys.  I will have to try and figure out a balance of keeping Lucas happy with routine and Diesel getting to experience new sights and smells.  If on our regular trek I could just get a bunny to run along in front of us for a few feet, then a cat, followed by a few geese and a duck it would be a win, win for everyone!  (The big dreams of a dog walker).

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